Summer is getting ready to leave for good, or well for a few months, but are you ready to save up energy bills? Our experts at W. Williams Air Conditioning came up with a list of 5 ideas on how to welcome fall into your house without freezing to lower the energy bill.
Check out these 5 Energy Saving Air Conditioning Tips for Fall
Reset your House Temperature The temperature inside your house must be by the temperature outside so set your Air Conditioner to 17 - 19°C during fall and winter. You must find a balance between comfort and efficiency so you can help your air conditioner save up energy.
Use the Sun The Air Conditioner’s heating system is machinery. To help it work efficiently and not abandon you in the coldest hours, make sure you use the Sun’s warmth to invite heat inside your house during the fall season. The Sun is still strong and even healthy in September and October so open up the curtains at the windows that are in the direction of the Sun during the day.
Re-decorate your house No, we don’t mean you should get mad with house designs, but we’re simply asking you to move the furniture away from the path of the heating system or any large objects that could consume the heat or that could stop it from warming up the air channel of your room.
Insulation Try to cover any drafty windows or spots into your house. While you can open curtains from windows that are warmed up by the Sun, you should also cover drafty windows or any spots in the house that allow the cold air to sneak into your rooms.
Also, use duct insulation to your heating system to save up energy, protect your Air Conditioner System and reduce the noise. Talk to our consultants about the best types of duct insulation.
Maintenance Your air-conditioner will need a professional check up because its system can suffer from changing temperature and moving from the summer temperatures to the cooler temperatures. Professional intervention can clean up and update your filters, and they can also check the general status of your air conditioner.
Normally, your system filters should be changed once a month, because the dust affects the performance of your heating system and it also affects the quality of air that is pumped up into your house. Taking care of the filters can reduce your energy bills by 5 %- 15%.
Schedule a Fall Maintenance for your Air Conditioner, and you are ready to keep warm and wealthy!