April3     The central heating and cooling systems that are traditionally used in homes are called split systems because they typically have indoor and outdoor components. A mini split air conditioner also has indoor and outdoor components, but it takes up a lot less space than traditional heating and cooling systems. Another key difference is that it doesn't rely on ducts to deliver heated and cooled air.

How Do Mini Split Air Conditioners Work?

Mini split air conditioners work similarly to other types of air conditioners in that they compress and expand refrigerant to pull away heat and moisture from the air. There are some pretty significant differences between mini split air conditioners and other types of air conditioners, and they include:
  • Heat Pumps - How are ductless air conditioners, or mini split air conditioners, capable of heating and cooling without needing large indoor and outdoor units? The secret lies in energy-efficient heat pumps. They take advantage of heat's tendency to move from warm areas to cool areas. In doing so, they are capable of heating and cooling while using a lot less energy.
  • Connections - As with a traditional heating and cooling system, mini split systems have indoor and outdoor components. In this case, however, the indoor and outdoor units are connected by suction lines, which draw away condensate, refrigerant lines, which facilitate the transfer of warm air, and power lines, which keep everything humming along.
  • Indoor Units - With a mini split air conditioner, outdoor units are mounted on outside walls. There are also compact indoor units, which may be mounted on floors, ceilings or high up on walls. These units have blowers that deliver heated and cooled air to a specific area. You can't understand how mini split air conditioners work without understanding that no ducts are involved at all.

Where to Buy Mini Split Air Conditioners

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