Summer is here and the relentless Texas heat to boot. Don’t get caught off-guard with a huge electric bill. Follow these 10 simple steps to a more efficient household or office and you will most definitely be very pleasantly surprised.
  1. Timers: Programmable thermostats can save tons of money by setting your unit to cool during high volume hours, like when your family is home from work or school.
  2. Leaks: Don’t let your dollars leak away! Air conditioning units can lose up to 30 percent of airflow through holes. You can temporarily seal the gaps with foil tape, duct mastic but once you notice the leak- call a technician.
  3. Filters: Dirty filters prevent airflow. Your filter comes with a minimum efficiency reporting value. As a rule of thumb, higher numbers mean better filtration. A better quality filter will also suck up more energy. You should replace your filter every month.
  4. Insulation: If you’ve got a hot attic, wrap your ducts with batt, spray foam or rigid foam insulation with foil tape to keep the air inside cool.
  5. Blinds: Make sure to close your shades during the day in the summer and open them during the day in the winter. This will allow your house or office to control the natural heat coming in through your windows.
  6. Awnings: Install awnings on the parts of your home that face intense sun to reduce your interior temperature by a significant amount.
  7. Maintenance: A yearly maintenance schedule is key to keeping your air conditioning unit in shape.
  8. Fans: Substituting fans for air conditioners on milder says can save 60% or more in energy costs. Set the fan speed on high except in very humid weather. This will help push cool air around the house.
  9. Ducts: Clean around the unit and vacuum ducts. Dirt and dust build up in your ducts and on your central air conditioner, which reduces the unit’s efficiency.
  10.  Appliances:Avoid producing heat inside your home when it’s hot outside. Do laundry, run the dishwasher and other appliances in the early morning and late evening hours.